Pole Vault Training Programs

We offer four training seasons during the calendar year that split into two competition seasons and two training seasons.

Competition Seasons

Indoor Season

This is our winter training season and our Indoor Club Competition Season with it going from December through February.

Outdoor Season

The summer training season and our Outdoor Club Competition Season going from late May through August.

Training Seasons

Fall Season

The fall training season is to get ready for the Indoor Competition Season. Goes from September through November.

Spring Season

The spring season is to supplement high school track & field season and is to get ready for the Outdoor Competition Season. Goes from March through mid-May.


Current Season:

Summer Season

The summer season training is three months which runs from May 20th through August 30th. We will have two locations for the Lite Velocity and Standard Velocity vault sessions with one at Castle View High School and the other at Littleton High School Stadium. The High Velocity and Extreme Velocity training packages will only be offered at the Castle View High School location. 

Introductory Package

Cost: $100
We are offering a introductory package to try out the club! This package covers 2 two hour practice sessions, which then if the athlete decides to join the club, the introductory fee will go toward the their chosen training package option. Sign up for Introductory package!


Training Package Options: 

Lite Velocity

This training package are for those looking just maintain their skill over summer or the casual vaulter to have fun. This package is only one day per week and on the same day each week. Vault sessions choices are Tuesday 6-8pm or Thursday 6-8pm. 
  • $190
  • One vault session per week
  • Same day each week
  • Access to club poles
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Standard Velocity

Our most popular vault session package with two vault sessions per week. This package is for vaulters looking to compete in the summer meets, work on areas to improve and maintain their skills. Vault sessions are on Tues & Thurs from 6-8pm.
  • $295
  • Two days per week
  • Same two days each week
  • Access to club poles
  • Use of poles for track meets
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High Velocity

Our package for individuals that are looking to elevate their vaulting to a new level with a extra day of small group session and added strength and conditioning training plan. Sessions days are Tues & Thurs from 6-8pm and Wed from 4-6pm. 
  • $430
  • Three days per week
  • Supplement training plan
  • Small group 1 day /week
  • Access to club poles
  • Use of poles for track meets
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Extreme Velocity

Our full training package for those athletes that want to compete at the highest level and are fully committed to achieving their goals. Training session are four days per week with a full training plan. Training sessions are Mon & Wed 4-6pm and Tues & Thurs 6-8pm.
  • $525
  • Four days per week
  • Full training plan
  • Small group 2 days /week
  • Access to club poles
  • Use of poles for track meets
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