Open Vault Sessions

We have Open Vault sessions on Sundays from 11:00am-12:30pm (Early Group) and 12:30pm-2:00pm (Late Group) at our Mountain High location.

This session is open to all vaulters that are club members and non-club members. Each session is an hour and half long and because of the safer-at-home guidelines, we allowing 10 vaulters per session at a time. This is not an instructor lead practice or session, these sessions for the vaulter to get more vaulting time. A club coach will be present to make sure everyone is vaulting safely, catch steps if needed, and be available for questions or advice, but not to conduct club practice session or private lesson.

We will be using a online sign-up sheet to reserve spots for the session and payment deadline online by 11:59pm on Thursday of each session week. 

For Non-Members, you can come and vault, you can also bring your coach, but must have your own poles and must have a current AAU member registration, and filled our our waiver form before you allowed to vault at the Open Vault sessions.

Club Members will be either registered for one the Pole Vault Training Packages for the current season or have purchased an Annual Club Membership. Club members will have access to club poles for the Open Vault sessions and get the discounted price for the session. Club members that registered for the High Velocity package get the Open Vault sessions for free.

Cost per Session:

Non-Club Members: $20

Club Members: $10
Club Members + High Velocity Package: Free 

Steps to participate in the Open Vault Sessions:

Step 1

Fill out the Waiver/Release Form. Non-Club Members, You only need to fill this out once for the summer season. For Club Members, you can skip this step because we already have a waiver/release form on file for you. If you don't complete the waiver/release form, then you can not participate in the open vault session.

Fill Out Waiver

Step 2

Sign up for the desired day and time slot.

Reserve Day/TIme

Step 3

Make payment to reserve session spot.

Pay Now!