Waiver Release

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How to Get Started

To participate in one the training programs for Drift Motion Pole Vault Club, there are three things that must be completed:

  1. Valid AAU Membership
  2. Participation Information
  3. Waiver Release/Code of Conduct form (*Must be filled out for each season that your are particpating in!)


AAU Membership

You must have a valid and be a current member of AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) to participate at Drift Motion Pole Vault practices and meets.

If do not have a AAU membership or need to renew your membership:

Get/Renew AAU Membership

(Associate your AAU membership with Drift Motion Pole Vault Club - #WYD4FC)

You must have a AAU membership to participate with Drift Motion Pole Vault club before you can go any further with the season registration. Go to https://aausports.org/Membership to get your membership.