Spring Season Registration

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How to Get Started

To participate in one the training programs for Drift Motion Pole Vault Club, there are four things that must be completed:

  1. Valid USATF Membership
  2. Waiver Release/Code of Conduct form (*Must be filled out for each season that your are particpating in!)
  3. Membership Registration form on the TeamApp website
  4. Pay for Pole Vault Season Training Program from the TeamApp Store


USATF Membership

You must have a valid and be a current member of USATF (USA Track & Field) to participate at Drift Motion Pole Vault practices and meets.

If do not have a USATF membership or need to renew your membership:

Get/Renew USATF Membership

(For USATF Membership, register as: Drift Motion Pole Vault #32-0522) If you are not associated with Drift Motion Pole Vault club, email membership@colorado.usatf.org to have it changed.